The fake diamond rings that look real  can give your gift a surprising twist When you want to up the sparkle factor without spending a fortune, you might choose to go for one thing less ostentatious than an expensive diamond ring. At present I am really into morganite, a soft pink-purple gemstone which is ultra-soft-sparkly and ultra-unique. I don't know how many other diamonds have the same color but I am sure that it exists.

It has been said that the cut of morganite gives off a subtle sparkle and the light reflecting on this gemstone gives off a subtle glow that is virtually identical to the light of the sun. The only thing I will say about the color is that it may vary from a very pale yellowish red to a deep reddish orange. The cut of morganite is very unique, as there are two kinds of morganite cuts.

One cut of morganite is called a double cut, where each side of the stone has a different look and is cut in different angles. The other kind is a single cut, which is where a single diamond is cut at a high angle. These are not the same cut as you get from a flawless diamond. For this reason, to get the best and most ideal fake diamond rings, reach out to the Luxuria Diamonds experts. 

While all the cut variations of morganite are not perfect, they are still very unique. The best way to check out what kind of cut your morganite ring has is to look at some photos on the internet of some real diamonds. A genuine diamond is cut differently from the way that a morganite ring is cut.

It's impossible for a morganite to have the same cut that a genuine diamond has. This means that when you are shopping for a ring to be very careful as you will always have the chance to get a fake ring. The most common and probably the easiest way to tell if a piece of jewelry is a fake is if the piece looks a little bit uneven.

If the cut is slightly off center, you may be able to tell, but this is not a conclusive sign. You can also look for small scratches that are very faint on the surface of the ring that can't be seen through the setting. If you see these signs be cautious and do not put it on. your loved ones as they could easily buy the ring for yourself. Check out this post for more details related to this article:
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